The 1967 Airstream

Date of Reservation with Down Payment: November 25, 2011

Date of Purchase:

Location: Paso Robles, CA

Registered Plate Number:

Size: 24' body; 27' measuring bumper to hitch

Condition of exterior at time of purchase

  • Clear coat peeling
  • Back and Front bumper rusting
  • Front and Back bumper in need of powder coating/repainting
  • Hitch rusting
  • Uppermost light covers need to be replaced (parts available)
  • Minor dent on front side, next to propane tanks

Condition of interior at time of purchase

  • Dry rot at lefthand corner of entry landing between front door and refrigerator

Areas to be repaired
  • Moisture and leak at space between shower wall in bathroom and wood paneled wall in bedroom.

Parts to be removed

Parts to be added
  • Eating nook/table

Parts to be replaced
  1. In bathroom
  • Vinyl floor to be replaced with 
  • Shower tub and wall with 
  • Sink

Parts to be restored

Areas to be reconfigured

View from front door

Kitchen counter. Corner shared with rear room.

Front Room Seat. Converts to Gaucho Bed.

Front room seat & overhead compartment with vintage clock

Helpful Video for Bathroom Repair