Friday, January 30, 2009

Cats are Great. No, really.

This is Skye. She sheds, she has skin allergies, and she poos. Those are just about the only things that are unpleasant about her. Now think about the extensive list of unpleasant things that I can think up for most humans. See, cats are great.

Cats are great for small living spaces. Our apartment is 600 sq ft and Skye fits just fine. We still sleep in a full size bed, and even though sometimes it just feels like a mushy boulder at the foot of the bed, it's not bad sharing a tiny bed with a 6'1 man and a little kitty.

Cats are also great if you are busy, because they do not depend on you for a stroll outside. This is Skye on the front porch at Halloween; look how independent she is. She even comes to the door and "knocks" on the door when she wants in or out.

Below is Norris. He doesn't want to live under the same roof as us. But he sure does love to eat at our porch. I think John loves him more than he loves Skye sometimes, because he used to be a stray feral, so he is very independent and comes and goes as he pleases. He doesn't bother anyone, he just asks to be fed twice a day on weekdays, three times a day on weekends. When we aren't home, we just tell the neighbors, and they love it. They act like kids at a petting zoo when they get to feed Norris.

Norris is a celebrity around the neighborhood; everybody knows him. Perhaps this is another reason why he just can't be tied down to one family, he needs to make his rounds. We aren't sure where exactly he sleeps. We've pleaded with him to sleep in the laundry room of our building, but I think he opts for the basement/crawlspace area under the giant manor house next door. Hell, he needs to maintain his mysterious countenance, I suppose this is how he chooses to do it.
John also loves him because he never has to go to the vet, so the only expenses he has is food. The only time he's been to a vet is when I got him "humanely" trapped and taken to SPCA for his vaccines and his neutering surgery ( I had to get him trapped in case he bit me, and because he doesn't let ANYBODY touch him). Yes, I robbed a wildcat of his manhood, but I just wanted to keep him healthy. Since the operation, he's been relatively calmer, except immediately following the surgery, when he disappeared for two weeks straight.

Norris is huge, he could eat Skye, and he has tried. She ended up in the Animal ER with a torn tongue. I think they got in a tiff about the food I left outside, and Norris told her in his brusque way, to shut the fuck up.

If you can't have animals in your apartment or if you're simply too damn irresponsible or lazy or immature to look after an animal, adopt a stray. SPCA will not charge you (they'll gladly take donations, though) for bringing in a stray cat to get neutered. This way, your animal doesn't get picked up by the mobile pound and doesn't spread his love around to other animals. The animal will thank you for your time and kindness, and he will probably come occasionally and chill with you. There are few attachments with animals and they don't expect too much, they just accept what you give them. Don't you wish there were more people like that in the world? Sadly, I don't know Anyone that fits this description.


Dominick Guzzo said...

I found your blog! I'm glad about that, it's true. I too have imagined myself "writing out pages and pages of beautiful prose, poignant poetry, and comedic essays", and while I sometimes do (or attempt to do), I can't bring myself to blog. Not yet. Though I suppose updating my Facebook status may be considered "micro-blogging" (I still haven't started Twittering), but oh well and we'll see, etc., etc., ., .,

Skye looks magnificent and she is indeed a great cat. Norris is also looking pretty good in his picture, even if he's mean. He definitely looks like a "Norris".

CJ said...

I never knew you were taking care of another cat. I have however, tried to convince Nikki that we should take care of the stray cats around our neighborhood. But we were unsuccessful at getting them fixed and they opted for a new town when they realized what the game plan was. Especially since we were tired of having little kittens under our house.

Mariana Abdala Howard said...

Yes, CJ, it is important to note that sometimes, stray kitties are smarter than you think, and they will get the "castration" vibe and they will skip town. Also, it is very difficult to trap cats on your own, or even with help. I called a local no-kill shelter, and I had to schedule the trapping for Norris, because Norris figured out the food trap (cage with trap door in which you place a can of food). Norris was trapped with a soft net, and re-released to our neighborhood 3 days later.

Mariana Abdala Howard said...

Dominick, I truly appreciate your compliments of Skye and Norris, and that is why next time you visit SF, they will be delighted to see you!
If you blog, they will read.

Kristin said...

i should do that, mar. there are tons of strays running thru the dry grass & astro turf in my temporary living situation. it's unfortunate i'm allergic. i would prefer a cat to a dog.

Mariana Abdala Howard said...

I'm so happy to hear that people are aware and ready to help their strays. Kristin, since you are in the peninsula, you can contact Peninsula Cat Works and they will be able to trap, neuter/spay, and rescue the strays in your yard. This guarantees that fewer kitties end up on the streets fighting homelessness and dieseases. Also, if you buy a big bag of any cat food (9 Lives, Friskies, etc.), you can make sure the kitties in your yard have food. Remember to bring in their bowls at night so you don't attract raccoons!