Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Night a DJ Saved my Life

Okay it wasn't really a DJ, it was my neighbor, and he is not a DJ. But he is a self-proclaimed flavor artist; I'd much rather refer to him as a flavor engineer (he is, after all, a PhD engineering student). I give you the ultimate Tropical Margarita!

Tripp Tropical Margarita
20% Gold Tequila
20% Triple Sec
30% Unfiltered Mango Juice (pure, not diluted, pulpy kind)
20% Ice (by volume)
(if you don't understand these percentages, it's okay. It's because you're not a flavor artist).

And the "SECRET" ingredient:

A scoop of Passion Fruit Sorbet

This is the ingredient that makes a world of difference and makes this margarita sooo unique.

Combine the ingredients, shake them up in a blender, and poor into your favorite fancy glass. And enjoy. This is the ultimate weeknight drink, folks. I cannot stress how great this drink is on weeknights, for I have never, in all my adult life, craved a drink so badly and felt such satisfaction and satiation of stress and pain, from an alcoholic beverage. You will literally be blown away (by a refreshing tropical breeze).

Bottoms up.


Mariana Abdala Howard said...

I should also add that Charles' girlfriend, Emily, was the one who technically saved my life by joining me in a weeknight meal of flavorful greasy Mexican cuisine, a remedy that always seems to work for work-related stress and tension. Highly regarded in the academic, medical, and professional worlds, you know.

Mariana Abdala Howard said...
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Emily said...

Totally agreed. Major stress reliever.

PS. I had no idea these margaritas were so complicated & thought out? Here I thought Charles was just tossin' stuff in a blender....