Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When I Close My Eyes (at the office). . .

I day dream of escaping to some faraway place (like lots of people), and to me, it doesn't matter if it's a place I know or if it's somewhere totally unexplored. Recently, Argentina has been on my mind, for many reasons:
  • my Grandmother is getting ready to migrate south for the Winter. Like a bird, she flies down to Argentina every year and stays in the seaside resort town of Mar Del Plata until Fall approaches. She used to stay longer and she used to fly solo, but this year, she will need our assistance. My mother and I will most likely accompany her there and back

  • Ruthy (John's cousin) and I are planning a trip to Argentina for April, at which time I will most likely be helping my grandmother pack up her bags and migrate home for California's summer. However, going with Ruthy is most likely going to turn an otherwise straightforward and pleasant trip into a something outlandishly adventurous and epic. Going to a place you know well with someone who has never been makes the place into a completely unknown terrain, a fascinating world of things unearthed and corners undiscovered. There will likely be wanderlust (for Ruthy), late night sauntering, mid-morning tourist traps, and train rides filled with anticipatory chatting and pensive moods. I don't think anyone who meets Ruth is disappointed or can plan for a boring time. Ruth will very likely come back with five new admirers, hopefully none of them will make it into our suitcases.

  • My parents are awaiting their first shipment of Argentine wines from Vina Santa Maria, a vineyard in my dad's home province of Mendoza. After careful planning and hefty investments, they are finally establishing a retirement plan that involves importing wines from Argentina. The best part about this plan; they have endless excuses for traveling to their home country, and most of it will likely qualify as tax write-offs.

  • I haven't seen my extended family in 2 1/2 years.

  • I stumbled upon this collage of windows in Buenos Aires by Karina Manghi, a very adorable Argentinian blogger. Really amazing how simple images evoke so much nostalgia and desire.

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Emily said...

I love the doors. I always feel that details are so important. Details in buildings, details in stories, details in a drawing... All of those intricate pieces make such a difference.

I also love that your grandmother migrates like a bird for the winter. It's really not a bad idea.