Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mark Weaver

I believe everyone in their twenties and thirties should begin to collect art, if they have not already started. Whether you purchase art because the piece brings you pleasure or because you would like to build your assets and your estate (which, at this point in life, may not be more than a poster of Bjork and a living room set from Ikea), it is difficult to find affordable art that will appreciate in the decades to come. One of my favorite new artists is Mark Weaver. As a designer and illustrator whose works can be spotted in several high-profile ad campaigns and publications, Mr. Weaver has developed quite a following. His works used to be on Etsy, but now he has become so popular that he has moved his prints over to this site.

These are some of my favorites:

(image removed)
General Lynx ($100)

(image removed)
1960 ($70)
 (image removed)
1957 ($40)
(This one reminds me of the aerial shots taken in the fifties when my hometown, Sunnyvale, was being developed for Korean War vets and Lockheed employees).

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